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Get your energy back

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Über mich
About me..

Philip Thomsen

osteopata Mallorca - Philip Thomsen

"What inspires me about the therapy is the ability to feel with my hands what my patient´s body wants to communicate and what it needs to find its center again. It is incredible how even small impulses can activate the body's self-healing powers."

Therapeutic career

01.2023           Opening of "Centro Holistico Bunyola"

2018-2022       Training as an osteopath at the IFAO Frankfurt
2019-2022       Employed at the office PhysioWeinheim  
2017-2019       Employed at the University Hospital Heidelberg

2014-2017       Training as a physiotherapist at the 
                       University Hospital Mannheim  

We offer treatments for:


  • adults of all ages

  • pregnant women

  • women after childbirth

  • athletes

  • children from 6 years on

Member of the national association of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

Philip Thomsen, Ostheopat - by. O. Sigloch - IMG_0050 - edited.jpg
„An osteopath is a person who works with feeling, seeing, thinking and knowing fingers.“

Individual treatment, adapted to your needs

Osteopatía Mallorca - Philip Thomsen
Philip Thomsen, Ostheopat - by. O. Sigloch - IMG_0060 - edited.jpg

  As required:​

  • Manual therapy

  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Rehabilitation after surgery

  • Kinesio taping

Philip Thomsen, Ostheopat - by. O. Sigloch - IMG_0121 - edited.jpg

  As required:​

  • Therapeutic massage

  • Relax massage

  • Sports massage

osteopatía estructural Mallorca - Philip Thomsen

Home visits

On demand

Bookings for

  • Events

  • Retreats

  • Hotels

  • Medical institutions

  • etc.

Osteopatía craneal mallorca - Philip Thomsen
Image by Dan Otis


The energy that Phillip emanates through his hands is truly beautiful. I've visited several osteopaths in Germany who were also good, but the almost magical way Phillip treats surpasses them all. He senses where the root of the personal issue lies and gently delves into it. Phillip also comes across as highly competent in his field, is very attentive, unobtrusive, alert, open, and friendly to the patient, and has a serene sense of humor. Thank you, Phillip!


A wonderfully warm welcome & a very pleasant atmosphere at Philips practice. The anamnesis at the beginning and the treatment were consistently very professional and competent! Philip explained all the steps, kept me informed and made the therapy session very sensitive, level-headed and healing. Philip, you have "taken the load off my shoulders" - literally! Thank you! See you in two weeks for the follow-up session.

Great practice, very central and Philip is absolutely recommendable.


Highly recommended for those seeking the right osteopath/physiotherapist. Philip not only impresses with his professional competence but also with a wonderful atmosphere in his small practice. Calm, composed, friendly, and personable. Thank you, until next time.

What my clients say..

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