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Informed consent

As a patient, I voluntarily present myself to the practice Centro Holistico Bunyola by Philip Thomsen Letrop in order to be treated according to his knowledge, techniques, means and experience.

Information for patients:

• The osteopath personally informs the patient about the treatment phases: the anamnesis, the examination protocol and the treatment.

• The anamnesis consists of three parts:

- Questions on the occasion of the consultation.

- Questions about general health.

- Medical history questions, personal and/or relatives.

• The investigation protocol is based on:

- Visual and/or palpatory analysis of the posture and mobility of the

different body structures.

- Manual evaluation maneuvers involving no or very little risk

represent for the patient.

- If necessary and with the prior consent of the patient,

we take digital pictures (video, photography) for the post-processing of the case.

- Additional tests may be required:

Diagnostic imaging and/or tissue analysis (blood, urine, etc.). These tests must be prescribed by the competent doctor in order to rule out any type of contraindications to the treatment.

• The treatment techniques used depend on the reason for the consultation and can be aimed at different parts of the body in addition to the symptomatic area. These techniques are generally manual techniques and include but are not limited to:

- Stretching, active or passive mobilizations and rapid joint mobilizations over short distances. The latter can cause joint cavitation (small sound effects that are not usually painful).

- Visceral mobilization techniques.

- Fascial techniques (usually with very gentle pressure).

- Techniques in the cranial area (usually with very gentle pressure).

- The treatment can also include basic advice on your person:

Eating habits, the physical activity you exercise or should exercise, or your lifestyle.

- If it is absolutely necessary; After the reason for access has been properly explained to the patient and permission has been obtained, oral treatment techniques can be applied. 

• Occasionally, minimal side effects may occur after using the treatment. This can include:

- Slight increase in pain or symptoms during the first 72 hours. If the pain persists after this time, do not hesitate to contact us.

- General tiredness.

- Occurrence of new symptoms at other body parts than from the reason for treatment.

- Headache


• During the visit you will be given the opportunity to clarify your doubts and questions. If you feel it is necessary, you can stop the treatment at any time.


-Signing the document means that you have read the above aspects and that you understand the nature and purpose of the required osteopathic treatment. Also, that you understand the possible risks and complications and that there are no absolute guarantees that the outcome of the treatment will be the most satisfactory.

-You must notify the osteopath if you have a pacemaker or similar technology implanted if you suspect a current or previous infection; if you have suffered from a serious illness; If you are pregnant; or if you suffer from other processes that could contraindicate the treatment.


-In addition, you must truthfully provide all relevant information for an osteopathic treatment.

-If the patient is a minor, the presence of the father/mother or guardian may be required during the interview, examination and treatment.

Scheduling appointments / canceling appointments

- The practice is managed according to an ordering system. This means that the agreed time is reserved exclusively for the respective patient.

The patient is therefore obliged to:

- Keep appointments on time

- if necessary, to cancel appointments early, but no later than 6 hours in advance, so that the time intended for the patient can be planned elsewhere.

- Please note that if you miss your appointment or cancel it later than 6 hours before your appointment, the agreed service will be charged.

-This consent can be revoked by the patient at any time.

The patient explained:

That I have received and understood the information about the treatment.

That I agree to have the osteopathic treatment carried out.


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